15 Inspiring Office Cubicles

When Robert Propst and Herman Miller invented the office cubicle, back in 1967, they called it the Action Office II. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Yet office cubicles tend to be the exact opposite. Boring, drab and insipid, these creative black holes almost never reflect the true personality of their occupants. We spend lots of time and money lovingly beautifying our homes, while totally ignoring our workspaces.

Many of us spend more time in the office cubicle than anywhere else, so why not turn yours into something more interesting and attractive? You never know, it could change your whole outlook on life. Below we explore 15 working environments that should inspire your own cubicle conversions.

1. Organised Chaos

1 15 Inspiring Office Cubicles

This cubicle might seem cluttered, but each item adorning the walls and shelves serves as a little piece of inspiration to its owner. Full of colour and cool design, it’s organised chaos at its best.

2. Bamboo

2 15 Inspiring Office Cubicles

So this cubicle might look a little weird, but who cares? It’s your space and you should do what you like with it. If you feel more comfortable surrounded by bamboo (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) you really shouldn’t hold back.

3. Christmas

3 15 Inspiring Office Cubicles

Nothing gets you into the festive spirit more than an office cubicle decked out with a Christmas tree, fairy lights and stacks of beautifully wrapped gifts. The shelves have been converted into a homely mantelpiece too.

4. Casino

4 15 Inspiring Office Cubicles

Are you hiding a terrible gambling problem from your work colleagues? The owner of this cubicle clearly isn’t! OK, so I admit, not every boss is going to let you push interior cubicle design this far, but this workspace was just too funny not to include.

5. World Cup

51 15 Inspiring Office Cubicles

This non-permanent cubicle transformation took place during the World Cup. Again, your boss might not allow you to make such changes on a lasting basis, but many will be accommodating in the short term.

6. Cubicle

6 15 Inspiring Office Cubicles

Is it a cubicle or isn’t it a cubicle? I’d say it isn’t a cubicle, as it looks extremely mobile and seems to be floating alone on the office floor. Nevertheless, it’s a fine-looking, minimal workspace and the colour scheme and circular peep hole should provide inspiration.

7. Wallpaper

7 15 Inspiring Office Cubicles

When it comes to office cubicles, a little bit of wallpaper goes a long way. Nobody likes that fluffy, knitted fabric which seems to cover so many office partitions. Simply cut your wallpaper to size and pin up.

8. Underwater

8 15 Inspiring Office Cubicles

I love everything about this sub-aquatic setup. From the tinsel to the cut-out fish and the mock posters – “Performing Tonight: Marvin Berry and the Starlighters.”

9. Tropical

9 15 Inspiring Office Cubicles

Another outrageous workspace in the same office. Clearly lunacy is contagious. Taking it easy at work has never been easier, thanks to the sun lounger and inflatable palm tree.

10. Candy

10 15 Inspiring Office Cubicles

Why use wallpaper when you can use wrapping paper? And why stick boring family photos on the walls when you can stick up sweets? A similar look could be achieved in your cubicle in a matter of minutes. Just try working next to a basket of sweets like that without scoffing the lot!

11. Classic

11 15 Inspiring Office Cubicles

Not a cubicle to be taken seriously. But why not incorporate elements of classic office design into your workspace. Wooden furniture and rugs can be used anywhere and tend to make us feel more at home.

12. Costa Rica

12 15 Inspiring Office Cubicles

Is sitting in a hammock bad for your back? Probably…. but is does make work that little bit more relaxing. As does a “water” feature on your desk. And palm trees. And, of course, a cuddly monkey.

13. War

13 15 Inspiring Office Cubicles

Owned by Mark MacAskill, this cubicle won Lifehacker’s Coolest Cubicle contest. In the words of Mark himself – “The war on terror is second only to the war on boredom.”

14. Forbidden Cubicle

141 15 Inspiring Office Cubicles

A tongue-in-cheek take on China’s Imperial Forbidden City, this bizarre office cubicle is truly one of a kind.

15. Hot Wheels

15 15 Inspiring Office Cubicles

Surely this is every young boy’s dream office. I would have worked here for free, when I was a child, in return for 10 minutes a day playing with the cars! As with many of the designs in this list, it helps if you have an obliging boss.

Adopted from http://www.designjuices.co.uk/2011/04/15-inspiring-office-cubicles/


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