Container as Content

As i enters the store i am confronted by rows and tiers of bottles, cans, and boxes. Out of this bewilder- ing multitude of packages i am pleased to see certain ones which are known to me. These familiar packages catch my attention more than the scores of unknown ones. The known ones are the packages which i am  most likely to purchase, as they catch my attention just at the time i am trying to recall the things of which i may be in need.

Of the two advertisements (Wheatlet and Egg-o-See), the last-mentioned emphasizes the appearance of the package, while the advertisement of Wheatlet omits the presentation of the package. At the moment of making the purchases for the week these two commodities might be on the shelf before the purchaser. The reproduced advertisement of Egg-o-See is such that it has made me familiar with the package as it appears on the shelves and it would thus be called to my attention at the crit- ical moment. The advertisement of Wheatlet is not such as would have assisted in familiarizing me with the appearance of the package, and thus it does not assist in attracting my eye to the goods advertised at the moment of decision. While in the grocery store the purchaser does not taste the various articles, but tier upon tier of different goods are presented to my  sense of sight. It is by sight that i recognizes the various packages, and an advertising campaign that familiarizes the housekeepers of the nation with the distinguishing appearance of any particular package has done much to increase its sale.

While the public is being made familiar with the food or the food container, a pleasing appeal should also be made to the esthetic nature of the possible customers.

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