50 Creative Mailboxes

One of the first things that people see when they visit you at your house is mailbox. Usually the mailboxes are homogeneous and often they can be overlooked. Not the mailboxes which are collected in this article though. These homeowners have created interesting, shocking or amazing mailboxes and you can describe what they are all you want as you scroll down.

After this article, you will be convinced that building creative affairs does not require large investment. All you need is an imagination galore which is free. For example, create a mailbox from the microwave, motorcycles or anything you can think of! If you’re still for correspondence use the mail rather than telephone, look at these 50 creative mailboxes that are summarized in this article.


Shocking Mailbox. Mailbox in Massachusetts that looks like a transformer.


Cow Mailbox. A funny cow mailbox from the South-Shore.


R2-D2 Mailbox. Star Wars robot mailbox.


Diver Mailbox. Creative colorful diver mailbox.


Tractor Box. This mailbox confirms that in the country are some creative-minded people.


Sniper Mailbox. I do not know what was the concept creating this mailbox, but look like funny sniper.


Old Oak Mailbox. This mailbox looks like it is from some scary fairytail forest.


Cowboy Mailbox. In your yard a mailbox like this will get attention from the bystanders.


Ghost Rockers Mailbox. I think each of rockers would like a mailbox like this.


Flowering Mailbox. A funny mailbox shaped like a flower in a vase beside a remote road in rural surrounding.


Cyclist Mailbox. I think there no need for comments.


Roll Royce Mailbox. For speedy mail delivery you need fast mailbox like this.


Piggy Mailbox. A funny mailbox shaped like a pig beside a remote road in rural surrounding.


Donkey Mailbox. Angry donkey mailbox. Of course, because every day the postman opens his ass.


Stylish Frog Mailbox. Cute frog mailbox thast will sit and waiton your yard for new newspaper on her mouth.


Steelers Fans Mailbox. Easy to create and creative mailbox for footbal fans.


Bike Box. You can’t overpass such the mailbox to not look at it.


Hobbledehoy. An unusual mailbox seen on the road to Blackball, West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island.


Apple Mailbox. If you have iPhone, iPad, Mac computer, next in your collection muist be creative Apple mailbox.


Funny Cowboy Mailbox. One funny cowboy with big bullet in the ass.


Microwave Mailbox. Rural sense of humor – Microwave mailbox is Hotmail.com.


Letters From Home. Miniature barn mailbox.


Handmade Mailbox For Playhouse. Doggie mailbox for playhouse, because a very special playhouse deserves extra special details.


Fairytail House Mailbox. This mailbox reminds me an old witches house, located deep in the creapy wood.


Creative Ranch Mailbox. Price Ranch mailbox. You can check this mailbox in Butler County, Kansas.


Very Unique Mailbox. Very unusual mailbox, which in my mind seems almost like artwork not simply mailbox.


Birch Tree Mailbox. Ecological mailbox which is made only from natural products – tree bark.


Submarine Mailbox. Looking at this mailbox you might think that beneath the ground is buried submarine.


Vintage Style Mailbox. The creative mailbox of the local newspaper photographer in Port Washington.


Catching The Mail. Cute catching scene. Bear catch fish with mail in it.


Whale Mailbox. Craetive mailbox created from scraps and looks very nice.


Moo-Mail. A creative cute cow mailbox in Fernley.


Auzie Mailbox. The farmers of Coff’s Harbour have very creative mailboxes.


British Columbia. This is one of the most artisticallly creative adaptatons of the common mailbox.


Espresso Mailbox. Creativity has no limits. Mailbox can be created even from an old broken coffee machine.


Creative Recycling. Mailbox decked out for the 4th of July found outside of Ironwood, Michigan.


Cowboy Hat Mailbox. Cowboy hat as a mailbox is an interesting idea how to pay attention to your home.


Cat Mailbox. Sculpted cat sniffing a Forged vine on a mailbox.


Tiki Mailbox. Creative use of an old Palm tree stump.


Cute Cow Mailbox. Fine example of mailboxe that belong to the genry of “folk art”.


Insect Mailbox. Very creative way to hold the mailbox.


Creative Cactus Mailbox. If you live at desert areas, cactus type mailbox will be perfect for you.


Wash Bowl Mailbox. In this example you can lift the lid above the bowl to put the mail there.


Creative Mailbox. Mailbox was designed so that it fit the constraints imposed by the city for mailboxes as well as minimizing possible damage to a vehicle running into the solid steel construction.


BBQ… Delivered. Hickory Smoked letters and packages.


Computer Mailbox. Even nerds still get old fashioned mail now and then.


The Strange Fish Mailbox. This mailbox can not be ignored. A very vivid example of the oven and mailboxies creativity.


Face Mailbox. Mailboxes and a tree look like a face with a funny haircut.


T-rex Mailbox. Dinosaur holds the mailbox in one hand and a skull in the other.


Weird Hand Mailbox. A hand holding a mailbox is very cute and precise way to present a mail box.


Adopted from http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/creative-mailboxes-you-dont-see-regularly/


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